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    January 2nd, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    LISHost Announces Strategic Response to Podango Instability

    January 1, 2009

    LAS VEGAS--In light of the collapse of podcast hosting services from Podango, LISHost and Erie Looking Productions together announce a new service. Libraries and librarians in need of podcast hosting have an opportunity not only to purchase hosting services but also consultant services in establishing a program. As the skills required to maintain such an online presence are not routinely taught in librarian training programs, LISHost and Erie Looking Productions are partnering to help fill a vacuum.

    Libraries and librarians seeking podcasting can take solace in the stability of LISHost in providing hosting services. LISHost has been the librarian's choice in online hosting for years. Erie Looking Productions produces the program LISTen: The Podcast for LISNews and its team has over a decade's experience working with media.

    While five dollars might get a library or librarian hosting at one outlet, such does not include the value-added care this strategic response would provide. The family business of Erie Looking Productions has a track record stretching back years in working with churches, musicians, and others to ensure success in multimedia production. For libraries venturing into the brave new world of creating content rather than warehousing it, having help is something to not be ashamed of but to cherish.

    Hosting for one year with LISHost is USD$130 but we can work with your budget. The cost for the services of Erie Looking Productions is negotiable based upon what services are actually required by a client. Adventures in production online start by visiting


    Blake Carver, Owner, LISHost:
    Michael J. Kellat, Owner, Erie Looking