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    About CR2 Blog

    As an organization that has constantly harnessed the power of technology to add value to the Education and Healthcare world, CR2 has been quick to embrace new techno-trends. With blogging becoming the “next big thing” in the Internet world, and a number of organizations using the medium to strengthen their communications with internal and external stakeholders, CR2 too has decided to join this high energy bandwagon.

    “CR2 Blog”  aims to deepen our engagement with the like minded people within the IT, Education and Healthcare realm. The Education sector, as we all know, forms a significant percentage of the Indian industry and the contribution of this segment is expected to be crucial for India to retain its competitive advantage and sustain future growth.

    Why the blog: While CR2 has been organizing number of events targeted at Education and Healthcare and receiving encouraging feedback on these efforts, these have been able to reach only limited group. There is a need therefore, to draw a larger number of contributors  into the fold and share the individual learnings. The CR2 blog is the channel we plan to use, to address a bigger base of Technology, Education and Healthcare. The aim is to build an online community, which is bound together, in a thematic way, and shares opinions on a range of issues and concerns.

    Using the blog, CR2 will attempt to get experts to share their insights on hot and relevant issues with registered members and open a discussion. The blog will encourage the sharing of Best Practices by people and organizations across different functional areas in the above domain. The unique aspect about the blog is that it will not be driven by individuals, but rather by the community themselves, who will become the key contributors. While domain specialists, reputed analysts and industry gurus may start the discussions on specific topics, Academia and Medical communities will be invited to share their opinions on the subject.

    CR2 meanwhile, will play the Moderator and impartial observer which will facilitate online sharing of information. There are a few basic rules that members are expected to adhere to, foremost among them being the relevance of content. Members must remember that they are legally accountable and liable for the content of their Blogs and must abstain from making defamatory remarks or using material protected by copyright, trademark, etc.

    We invite members to write on the opportunities and challenges that lie in the said domain. We also welcome your suggestions on people you think can contribute the the CR2 blog. Do write to us at

    About CR2:

    CR2 is a group of Academicians, Librarians, Medical & IT Professionals. The prime focus of the group is to build a ‘Knowledge Society’ based on Education & Healthcare.

    Our Vision:

    To become a world class, innovative, competitive, profitable, trustworthy & respected information technology enterprise providing total IT solutions.

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