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    September 30th, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

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    September 23rd, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    COLUMBUS, OH - September 23, 2009 - LibLime, the leader in open-source solutions for libraries, and WALDO (Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization) have announced that SIT Graduate Institute has selected LibLime Enterprise Koha for their next integrated library system (ILS).

    The Library has selected LibLime's fully-managed LibLime Enterprise Koha package. In this model, the system is installed, operated and maintained at one of LibLime's carrier-class data centers. LibLime will provide the Library with installation, data migration, systems administration, ongoing maintenance, software development and staff training. Joining the WALDO consortium will enable SIT Graduate Institute to take advantage of the discounts available to WALDO members for LibLime services.

    LibLime Enterprise Koha is built on over two years of completed customer-sponsored development, including several highly-anticipated academic and consortia features. This Software as a Service offering on LibLime's new cloud computing platform will also feature regular monthly releases as additional customer-sponsored development is completed.

    "Libraries are benefiting greatly from open-source software," said Pamela Contakos, Librarian for Digital Collections & Electronic Resources. "The ability to share customizations and the flexibility that is offered by open-source software was a huge reason for us choosing Koha."

    Pamela adds: "The ability to control costs with a robust product and support from LibLime were also very influential factors."

    New features currently available in LibLime Enterprise Koha include:

    Support for the MARC21 Holdings Standard
    GetIt Acquisitions
    ‡ Cataloging
    Patron Proxies
    Call Slips
    Hourly Loans
    Permission Granularity
    New Reporting Interface
    ISBN-13 Support
    Email Checkout Slips
    Enhanced Consortia Support

    About SIT Graduate Institute

    World Learning is a global non-profit organization with operations in more than 75 countries. Through its international education programs – The Experiment in International Living, SIT Study Abroad, and SIT Graduate Institute – World Learning fosters global citizenship by connecting over 3,000 young ambassadors annually across cultural differences and social barriers.

    Through its International Development Programs, World Learning practices what it teaches, undertaking community-driven international development, training and exchange projects in 20 countries. Over 75 years, World Learning has built a deep and diverse array of offerings and services that transform lives and strengthen the capacity of communities and institutions to address pressing global needs.

    About WALDO

    Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO) is a membership organization supporting the procurement & administration of electronic information services for libraries since 1982. Supporting over 900 member libraries, WALDO offers consortial discounts for over 5,000 products and services. For more information, please visit the WALDO Website located at or contact Robert Karen at (800) 326-6495 ext. 1 or

Other advantages of choosing a LibLime solution through the WALDO consortium include volume discounts, standard contracts, consolidated renewals and invoicing and centralized billing. Participation in the LibLime discounts through WALDO is available to all WALDO full, associate and limited members.

    About LibLime Enterprise Koha

    LibLime Enterprise Koha couples the award-winning Koha Community baseline with the latest enterprise enhancements sponsored by LibLime customers. Backed by LibLime support and documentation, LibLime Enterprise Koha represents the most advanced and comprehensive open-source ILS solution available to libraries.

    For more information, visit

    To try out LibLime Enterprise Koha for yourself, visit LibLime's demos:

    About LibLime

    LibLime is the global leader in open-source solutions for libraries, with a mission to make open source accessible to libraries. Rather than sell software licenses for static, hard-to-customize software products, LibLime educates libraries about the benefits of open source, enabling them to make choices about how best to provide their communities and staff with better technology services. LibLime then facilitates implementation of open-source in libraries by providing outstanding development, customization, support and training solutions--solutions tailored to each library's needs. For more information, see

    Press Contact:

    Tina Burger
    Vice President Marketing, LibLime
    (888) Koha ILS (564-2457) ext. 705

    LibLime and the LibLime logo, Koha and LibLime Enterprise Koha are either registered trademarks or trademarks of LibLime. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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    September 22nd, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    Damascus, MD — Relief for churches and individuals involved in conflict is on its way with the release of Hope in the Face of Conflict: Making Peace with Others the Way God Makes Peace with Us, by conflict resolution expert Dr. Kenneth C. Newberger. Hope in the Face of Conflict introduces the 12-stage Judeo-Christian peacemaking model for church leaders concerned about potential or existing conflict, individuals personally experiencing conflict, and anyone who is interested in learning how to become a peacemaker. When it comes to the health of a church, one of the greatest threats is the deterioration of relationships due to poorly managed in-house conflict, according to Dr. Newberger.

    Unlike other popular peacemaking models that rely exclusively on Mathew 18:15-18, which only applies if two conditions are met — 1) there is a charge of sin, 2) eye witnesses to the sin exist — Hope in the Face of Conflict offers a universal Biblical peacemaking model that can be used to resolve any personal or church conflict.

    “Many churches, with the best of intentions, attempt to apply Matt 18:15-18 to every type of conflict, but this is a mistake,” said Dr. Newberger. “This passage on church discipline is specifically limited to cases of sin, within a congregation of believers, that are serious enough to remove a member from its fellowship. This passage also only applies if witnesses to the sin exist. This means that we need to reexamine our current thoughts on conflict resolution and evaluate what the Bible as a whole says about conflict resolution and reconciliation.”

    A former pastor himself, Dr. Newberger holds a master of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and has also earned a Ph.D. in conflict analysis and resolution from Nova Southeastern University. He is also the president of Newberger & Associates, LLC, which provides conflict resolution counsel for individuals and churches. For more information, visit

    Dr. Kenneth C. Newberger is author of the upcoming book (Fall, 2009), “Hope in the Face of Conflict: Making Peace with Others the Way God Makes Peace with Us.” This ground-breaking book introduces what Dr. Newberger has identified as the Judeo-Christian Model of Peacemaking. Dr. Newberger earned his doctorate in conflict analysis and resolution from Nova Southeastern University and his master of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. He serves as a conflict coach, educator, and practitioner. He also conducts conflict resolution seminars, has taught masters-level university classes in conflict resolution, and intervenes in disputes ranging from two-party to congregational. For more information, visit or email

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    September 21st, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    North Texas Library Consortium Goes Live With Evergreen
    Norcross, GA — September 21, 2009

    Thirteen libraries in Texas have gone live with Evergreen, the robust, highly scalable open-source library automation software, creating a shared Evergreen catalog representing nearly 100,000 registered users. Equinox Software, Inc., the support and development company established by the original Evergreen developers, provided bumper-to-bumper support for the migrations and is now providing round-the-clock ongoing technical support.
    The newly-formed North Texas Library Consortium (NTLC) is a resource-sharing project by the North Texas Regional Library System. This is the first known shared Evergreen catalog in Texas.
    Adam Wright, Executive Director of the North Texas Library Partners, said, “The North Texas Regional Library System is excited for its member libraries moving to Evergreen. Each community served by this consortium will realize a large value in the sharing of the resources between them. Each library director should be commended and held up as a hero. They truly inspire me!”

    “NTLC not only gets the benefits of Evergreen’s excellent feature set, but can now grow as big as they need to,” said Brad LaJeunesse, Equinox company president. “With Evergreen, the big Texas sky is the limit.”

    About the North Texas Regional Library System

    NTRLS is one of the 10 regional library systems which, along with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, make up the Texas State Library System. The regional systems exist to promote and assist the development of strong community libraries. NTRLS is responsible for setting policies and procedures for the services it provides to member libraries, but each member library remains autonomous. Current members of NTRLS include over 70 public library entities in the 20-county region.

    About Evergreen
    Evergreen is robust, highly scalable open-source library software. While Evergreen is best known for its unique ability to meet the needs of very large, high-transaction, multi-site consortia, Evergreen also elegantly scales down to the smallest library sites.
    Since its debut in September 2006 as the software powering the 270-plus libraries of the Georgia PINES consortium, Evergreen has earned acclaim and praise from users worldwide, including a Technology Collaboration Award from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Evergreen now supports hundreds of libraries of every type—public, academic, special, and school media—in 12 states and 2 countries.
    Evergreen is open source software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL. Evergreen and the Evergreen logo are trademarks of the Georgia Public Library Service. For more information about Evergreen, including a list of all known Evergreen installations, see

    About Equinox Software, Inc.
    Founded by the original Evergreen designers and developers, Equinox Software is a growing team of skilled professionals who provide comprehensive support for Evergreen, the consortial-quality, open source Integrated Library System (ILS). Equinox develops, supports, trains, migrates, integrates, and consults on Evergreen, and engages with the rapidly expanding Evergreen community. Equinox also offers hosting packages for libraries that prefer not to maintain local servers.
    For more information on Equinox Software, please visit
    Press contact: Corinne Hall,, 678-269-6113

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    September 21st, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    The Center for Digital Government, a national research and advisory institute on information technology policies and best practices in state and local government, has awarded the PLINKIT Collaborative a 2009 Digital Government Achievement Award in the Government-to-Government category.

    The Digital Government Achievement Awards showcase progressive and innovative web sites and digital applications by government entities worldwide.  The awards are judged by a panel of experts on a wide range of categories, including site accessibility, innovation, cost-savings, ease of use, and exceptional service to the public.

    Cathilea Robinett, executive director of the Center for Digital Government, said, “We congratulate the winners of this year’s awards.  They are terrific examples of first-rate ideas and collaboration on digital solutions which ultimately benefit citizens.”

    Plinkit is software that lets libraries maintain rich web sites without any technical expertise.  Libraries that previously had no web presence or that offered only a basic, static web page can now connect with customers online, letting them search library catalogs and databases, view slide shows and videos, peruse event calendars, and much more.  Plinkit is especially valuable in rural areas where long distances and limited hours make it difficult for patrons to go to the library in person.  More than 250 libraries in Oregon, Texas, Illinois and Colorado are able to serve their hundreds of thousands of users online because of Plinkit. That number is expected to explode as upgraded software will soon be available and the Virginia and Michigan state libraries, as well as the Nebraska Library Commission, INCOLSA and Lyrasis have become members.

    View the Center for Digital Government’s press release.

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