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    January 1st, 2010adminNews

    CR2 Technologies Ltd.ACML

    Ahmedabad, Thursday, December 31, 2009LIBRARIAN® – Asia’s first Arabic Version of Library Management Software System “LIBRARIAN” was commissioned at American Culture Centre, Alexandria, Egypt by CR2 Technologies Ltd., Ahmedabad with their strategic partner ACML, Alexandria, Egypt.  LIBRARIAN® – a Library Management Software has been designed & developed by CR2 based on Microsoft’s latest .NET technology and is currently being used by Fortune 500+ companies like IOCL & HP. Other users are Adani, Cadila, Intas etc.  Academic institutes right from school to leading universities across the country have automated their libraries with the help of this software. Few of the universities have adopted the software as a part of their curriculum. CR2 has entered into a strategic partnership with Egypt based M/s Alex Centre for Multimedia & Libraries (ACML). The interface of all the screens are in Arabic Language. ACML has assisted CR2 in translating all English words into Arabic language.  The layout of the interface screens have been changed in reverse mode from right to left as done in Arabic Language. As per the agreement with ACML, they would market Arabic Version of LIBRARIAN® in Arabic language speaking countries in the Middle East & Gulf Countries like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, Kuwait, Dubai, etc. “Arabic version of LIBRARIAN®  would help the Arabian speaking people  in developing their reading culture & to raise the level of literacy & education & managing the learning resources. This would spur overall objective to promote knowledge-based societies across the Arab world.” says Dr. Shawky Salem, Chairman of ACML. “LIBRARIAN® follows all the international standards like MARC21, Z39.50, AACR2, MARCXML, ISO 2079 etc. and is having UNICODE (Multilingual) facility. The most attractive feature of LIBRARIAN® is that librarians or Resource Centre Manager can customize the application as per their requirements without the help or need from the software vendor. Our first successful installation in Egypt would increase our penetration in Arab World.” said Suyash K, CEO, CR2 Technologies Ltd.  About CR2 Technologies Ltd., India CR2 Technologies Ltd. is an Indian company based at Ahmedabad and was incorporated in February ’07. CR2 is a startup in the knowledge domain with a wide breadth of services across the entire Information Technology spectrum. CR2 helps in management of print materials, build the roadmap to getting there & leverage technology to make it possible for e-learning. The company’s object is to design, develop, produce & deploy prepackaged, shrink wrapped, ready to use software products. CR2 intends to be No. 1 ERP vendor in the country for Higher Education Industry. CR2 is Authorized Technology Partner of Microsoft, Intel & HP. About Alex Centre for Multimedia & Libraries, (ACML) Egypt 

    ACML is a shared Egyptian Company with Arab/Egyptian Capital providing Library & Information Sciences projects in the Middle East Region. Represent more than 30 International publisher and vendor in Egypt and Sudan, or Arab Countries. ACML aims to build and develop the information infrastructure in its region, Also, ACML helps in building the digital libraries in academic and governmental organizations, and introduce the e- books, e-journals, e-media for libraries and information centres in its region. ACML role is to concentrate on E-Content and its products and projects.

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    November 14th, 2008adminNews

    CR2 is pleased to launch public webopac for all users. This public opac will display records of books, cds, journals, etc. for the library using Cybrarian ( service.

     Users may visit

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    July 27th, 2008adminNews

    CYBRARIANTM Asia’s first revolutionary Library Management Software System was launched by CR2 Technologies Ltd., Ahmedabad (India). And by the way, you can take a course to become an expert librarian. You can click here now to get all the information about where to take the courses.


    CYBRARIANTM – is a next generation web based, seamless & fully integrated Library Management software System hosted on a Remote Server. This is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) concept where users have to pay-as-you-use basis.

     CYBRARIANTM  was launched during LIBRARIAN® Users Meet held in the city on 26th July’08.  A group of librarians across the country, who are active users of LIBRARIAN® – a Library Management Software, assembles once in a year to share & discuss their problems & experience with the Library Management software. The experience of each librarian is unique and they come out with new ideas to improve & to add new features to the software to make it more functional, user friendly & effective, the company announced today. “CYBRARIANTM allows the librarians to access & run the software with the help of an ordinary low cost PC having a web browser and they can carry out on line all the transactions like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Periodicals Management (PMS), Article Indexing, Reports Management etc. as if the entire application is running on their desk,” said Suyash K., the company’s Chief Executive Officer, CR2. “One can access the application anytime (24x7x365) from anywhere, & from any machine with built in webOPAC facility in the software. At a very low hosting fee, CYBRARIANTM provides users facilities like Software Usage, Secured Data Storage & Management, Virus Protection, Backups, Patch Management, Product Updates, Technical Support, Maintenance etc. CYBRARIANTM follows all the international standards like MARC21, Z39.50, AACR2, MARCXML, ISO 2079 etc. and is having UNICODE (Multilingual) facility. The most attractive feature of CYBRARIANTM is that librarians or Resource Centre Manager can customize the application as per their requirements without the help or need from the software vendor. Moreover, the reports can also be self-customized.”

    “CYBRARIANTM  also allows the member libraries to form or create their own network of libraries from similar related subjects / background / industries for resource sharing by collecting, storing & disseminating information and would offer networked services like information about resources scattered in the  libraries throughout the world,  referencing materials to meet the requirements of students, researchers, scholars & the general public, Inter Library Loan etc. without incurring any extra cost, “ said Sohaon K., Chief Operating Officer of the company.   “CYBRARIANTM   is the result of 10+ man years of research & development and helps libraries to reduce their OPEX by 80-90%.

    SaaS is a new model for delivery of software over internet. It is a shift from packaged software to Software as a Service (SaaS). In this new model, the user is saved from the hassles of buying licensed copies of software like OS, R/DBMS, Application Software, Anti virus etc. They are also not required to buy costly hardware like Servers, PCs, Networking components etc. The user is also free from the daily problems of installation, management, maintenance, back up, security etc. Initial cost of Investment and recurring cost every month is as good as nil.  The recruitment of expert IT professionals can also be avoided. According to Gartner, the SaaS opportunity globally is estimated to be around $19.1 billion by 2011. McKinsey reports that the proportion of CIOs considering adoption SaaS applications in the coming year has gone from 38% a year to 61%. By 2010, at least 65 percent of all businesses will have deployed at least one SaaS application. According to Springboard Research, the Market for SaaS in India is expected to touch US$ 165 Million by 2010 (over Rs 700 Crores). 

    About CR2 Technologies Ltd.

      CR2 Technologies Ltd.  ( is a new start up company established in the year 2007. The company is engaged in designing & development of software products for different application areas. Utilizing Microsoft’s latest  .NET technology, CR2 has come out with various software products useful for Educational & Health Care industries. CR2’s other leading software products include LIBRARIAN®, eduERPTM, MAXOpmsTM. CR2 is the technology partner of MICROSOFT & HP.

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    January 10th, 2008adminNews

    LIBRARIAN® – Library Management Software enters the Afro-Arab market as المكتبي(AL MAKTABY). The Software would be available with Arab Interface and Data Input facility in Arab Language.

    About ACML (

    Established in 1995, ACML is a leading Egyptian company providing Library & Information Science services in the region.  For further information, please visit the website

    Alex Centre for Multimedia & Libraries (ACML),
    181-183, Ahmad Shawky Street, Roushdy, Alexandria, Egypt.

    Tel.: +2 03 5411741, Fax: +2 03 5411742


    About LIBRARIAN®

    LIBRARIAN – Library Management Software, first branded software product from Gujarat State having wide installation base across the country. The product is suitable for all kind of knowledge resources. Major clients of the product include Adani Group, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Hindustan Petroleum Ltd., Cadila Pharmaceuticals, Intas Pharmaceuticals, EME School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Rachna School, Ahmedabad Management Association, etc……

    About CR2 Technologies Ltd. (

    The total working experience of this group is more than 100 man years. To synergize the domain knowledge of Education & Healthcare sector with IT technology, CR2 has developed many ready-to-use & off-the-shelf software products. These products have been very well accepted by Universities, Colleges, Schools, Industries, R & D institutions, Corporate & Industries etc.

    CR2 works closely with Microsoft Technologies. Further to increase the easy penetration of the product and services CR2 uses ‘UNICODE’ technology in content creation to make them available in vernacular languages for the general masses. The group’s expertise lies in creation of Resource Centre using e-learning technology where maximum learning resources are to be converted into e-form by way of digitization & data conversion.

    CR2 is also in the field of creation of KNOWLEDGE PORTAL & ONE STOP EDUCATION PORTAL.