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    January 16th, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    To get this free book, please email the author direct at There are no obligations other than providing this resource to your customers. They need it.

    Here is what a few people are saying about DIG YOUR JOB, the not-so-serious career handbook.

    “I’m astounded by the amount of information in this book. I can see

    referring back to this over years; I can see printing out pages to talk

    over with people when addressing a problem. It’s a terrifi c resource

    for small business people and for people in the workforce.”

    – Becky McCray, Consultant to Small Towns, Small Businesses,

    “DIG YOUR JOB packs in more than two hundred quick-read, minilessons

    from someone who has built a bunch of companies and

    understands jobs. Reading this book is a short time investment that

    will make a long-term difference in your career.”
    – Penelope Trunk,

    “DIG YOUR JOB is like having a mentor in a box. Hoffman picks up where

    schools leave off. He offers hundreds of ideas to ease the transition into the

    workforce and make those fi rst few jobs as successful as possible.”

    – Randy Street, Author of the New York Times best selling book,
    Who: The A Method for Hiring.

    “Reading this book is like sitting down with a business executive over some

    barbecue and hearing his most sage advice and insights about carving out

    a successful career. While G.L. Hoffman can be very funny and informal, his

    wicked intelligence about work deserves your total seriousness.”

    – Liz Wolgemuth, Reporter, Money & Business , U.S. News & World Report