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    December 7th, 2013LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    For Immediate Release

    EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is thrilled to announce today that its 2012 Steampunk Anthology release "Shanghai Steam" has been included in Orson Scott Card's latest how-to book - "Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction: How to Create Out-of-This-World Novels and Short Stories" by Orson Scott Card, Phillip Athans, Jay Lake and the editors of Writer's Digest.

    In "Writing Fantasy & Science Fiction: How to Create Out-of-This-World Novels and Short Stories" Orson states:

    “A handful of editors and writers are tackling the issues of classism, racism, and imperialism head on, including independent Hades Publishing anthology Shanghai Steam (2012), which offers a Chinese view of the steam-punk world. “ - Page 146 in the section Critical Reactions to Steampunk

    "Shanghai Steam" is also listed on page 150 in the section "Recommended Steampunk Reading" under the heading "Anthologies, Short Fiction and Miscellaneous."

    The editors, authors and publishers alike were inspired to note that the creative team behind the creation of "Shanghai Steam" is in the fine company of Rudyard Kipling!

    About "Shanghai Steam":

    From ancient China to a future Mars, from the British Empire to the Old West, 19 authors show you worlds with alcohol fuelled dragons, philosophical automatons, and Qi-powered machines both wondrous and strange in tales of vengeance, paper lantern revolutions and flying monks.

    "Shanghai Steam" is a unique mashup of steampunk and the Chinese literary genre known as Wuxia (loosely translated as martial hero).

    About the Editors:

    Renée Bennett is a three-time Aurora Award nominee for editing. Her own fiction has appeared in places such as Year’s Best Fantasy, Realms of Fantasy, and on CBC Radio.

    Calvin D. Jim is an Asian-Canadian writer and editor of Asian speculative fiction whose works have appeared in Rigor Amortis and Crossed Genre Quarterly. He lives in Calgary with his wife and two children, no pets and no garden gnomes.

    Ace Jordyn is a YA fantasy and mystery author, editor and contest judge who believes in firing imaginations and empowering the dreams of children of all ages.

    "Shanghai Steam" includes works by:

    Camille Alexa, Shen Braun, Amanda Clark, Ray Dean, Tim Ford, Laurel Anne Hill, Minsoo Kang, William H. Keith, Crystal Koo, Frank Larnerd, Emily Mah, Derwin Mak, Brent Nichols, Frances Pauli, Jennifer Rahn, Tim Reynolds, Julia A. Rosenthal, Nick Tramdack, K. H. Vaughan.

    “Shanghai Steam” is one of a number of Steampunk releases produced by EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and AXP “Press, both imprints of parent company Hades Publications. The most current is the current release “Clockwork Heart” by Dru Pagliassotti. “Clockwork Heart” is a revised first edition, and is the first book in the newly announced Steampunk anthology, "The Clockwork Trilogy".

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    For more information, or to arrange interviews with the editors or authors,
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