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    September 20th, 2012LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    For Immediate Release
    Contact: Joe Menendez
    Information Today, Inc.
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    Information Today, Inc., the leading provider of publications, conferences, and other information services to the information professional community, today announced a special issue of The Information Advisor (IA) newsletter. The special issue will focus on what librarians and business researchers need to know concerning the topic of Big Data. Founded in 1987, IA is a monthly journal for business information professionals.

    According to Robert Berkman, IA editor, “Big data has become a big buzzword.” But, Berkman adds, “It has not been clear what it means for an organization’s information and content experts—the information professional. What we’ve done is identify what the real opportunities are as well as the risks. “

    The special issue explores how it is now possible for new patterns of data to be surfaced on sites ranging from LinkedIn to Yelp, providing to new insights for researchers. Berkman says there are cautions, however. “There may be a temptation to make research synonymous with quantification and numbers.” He also notes that it is “one of the obligations of information professionals to demonstrate to their organization how and where there still remain noncomputational methods for understanding information and data.”

    Dick Kaser, VP of content for Information Today, Inc., says, “As Big Data has become an increasingly important part of the information and research landscape, information professionals need to know how it impacts their research and their organization’s use of information. This special issue is one way Information Today, Inc. will be responding to this need.”

    Key sections of the special issue include segments on defining the concept of Big Data; where to find collections of Big Data; broad concerns and ethics; impact on business research; and how Big Data may change the profession. There is also an interview with Erin Bartolo, the data science program manager for the iSchool at Syracuse University, which has launched a certificate program in this area.

    This special Information Advisor is the September 2012 issue and Information Today, Inc. is making it available free of charge to anyone who would like a PDF version. For your free copy link to or contact

    Information Today, Inc. (ITI) is a leading publisher and conference organizer in the information and knowledge management industries.