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    October 25th, 2021LISWire aggregatorUncategorized

    Atlanta, Ga., October 25, 2021: Equinox Open Library Initiative, a trusted leader in open source technology development and support for libraries, is pleased to announce the latest release, Version 10.0, of the Fulfillment open source interlibrary loan management system. Fulfillment leverages intuitive design and efficient workflows to maximize value and impact for library users, allowing community members to have expanded access to resources across their state and beyond their consortium. The Connecticut State Library has relied on Fulfillment ILL for statewide resource sharing since 2016, averaging more than 700,000 interlibrary loan items filled annually since implementation.

    “Fulfillment provides a single place for participating libraries in Connecticut to send and receive interlibrary loan requests,” said Brad Bullis, Digital Content and Innovation Coordinator in the Division of Library Development at the Connecticut State Library. “Fulfillment allows libraries an interface that is intuitive in its design and the borrowing and lending functions are clearly defined allowing for users to create a logical workflow. Fulfillment is a key component of the Connecticut State Library’s mission to support and enhance resource sharing among libraries.”

    With this new release, Fulfillment takes interlibrary loan to the next level, delivering powerful reporting functions and an enhanced, robust suite of tools to provide better and more streamlined services for library communities. Fulfillment’s web based platform is user friendly and works with any integrated library system, saving staff time and offering significant cost savings for libraries. Fulfillment also amplifies collections management needs by highlighting collections with the most demand.

    “The aim is to make interlibrary loan as efficient for staff as possible,” says Andrea Buntz Neiman, Equinox’s Project Manager for Software Development. “Fulfillment benefits from over ten years of active open source community engagement from the designers, users, and current developers who built Evergreen ILS. Libraries deploying Fulfillment benefit from that proven work from the community.”

    Libraries and consortia seeking an established, modern, affordable, and scalable resource sharing system will appreciate the improvements Fulfillment offers. Moreover, implementing Fulfillment with Equinox includes support from experienced librarians and developers, and a transparent, open software development process. Equinox releases all code developed to publicly available repositories. Libraries will also benefit from custom training resources and connector options for Fulfillment.
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    About Equinox Open Library Initiative
    Equinox Open Library Initiative provides innovative open source software for libraries of all types and delivers extraordinary service at exceptional value. As the successor to Equinox Software, Inc., Equinox Open Library Initiative builds upon more than a decade of trusted service and technical expertise, providing consulting services, software development, hosting, training, and support for Evergreen ILS, Koha ILS, and other open source library software. To learn more, please visit For Equinox Library Services Canada, please visit

    About Fulfillment
    Fulfillment is an open source interlibrary loan management system which leverages intuitive design and efficient workflows to maximize value and impact for libraries. Fulfillment provides community members expanded access to library resources across their state and beyond their consortium. Launched in 2011, Fulfillment facilitates sharing between separate library organizations, uniting collections and information in a combined union catalog. Fulfillment is highly customizable and is compatible with any integrated library system (ILS). Fulfillment benefits from an active open source community, where it is continuously updated and supported by Equinox and the designers, users, and developers who built Evergreen ILS. To learn more, please visit .

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