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    October 4th, 2021LISWire aggregatorUncategorized

    Atlanta, Ga., October 4, 2021: Equinox Open Library Initiative, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and a trusted leader in open source technology services for libraries, is proud to support the 2021 New England Library Association’s Annual Conference. Equinox’s contribution will help fund in-person and virtual conference events running from September 1 through October 18, 2021.

    “NELA provides incredible opportunities for learning, sharing, and networking across libraries in the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont,” said Lisa Carlucci, Executive Director at Equinox. “We are pleased to provide support for the 2021 New England Library Association Conference and applaud the creative approach to this event - offered in multiple formats and across several dates - allowing for maximum participation.”

    The New England Library Association Annual Conference is taking place this year over the course of two months with days devoted to specific library themes including diversity, advocacy, leadership and management, and licensing electronic resources. The final day of the conference will take place in person on October 18 at College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. For more information about the conference schedule please visit:

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    About Equinox Open Library Initiative
    Equinox Open Library Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is the successor to Equinox Software, Inc. Equinox's mission as a nonprofit is to promote and support a thriving ecosystem for open source library communities in order to provide libraries worldwide with innovative, affordable, and sustainable open source solutions. We are devoted to reducing barriers to library technology and services, expanding library access to open source software, and providing high quality technology, consulting, and support services. To learn more, please visit


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    October 4th, 2021LISWire aggregatorUncategorized

    FOLIO Launches Juniper Release
    ~ User Experience Improvements Emphasized in Latest FOLIO Platform Update ~

    PHILADELPHIA — October 4, 2021 — The FOLIO Open Source Community has delivered its latest named release as the platform continues to grow. The Juniper Release includes platform updates and integration improvements that will provide libraries with even more features and functionality when adopting FOLIO.

    FOLIO, the open source project, which leverages expertise from libraries, developers and service providers, has built an open source LSP that is being implemented around the world.

    The Juniper release comes after the FOLIO Iris Release which extended support for semantic integration with FOLIO allowing patrons to request materials from remote storage, as well as letting library staff export and analyze circulation logs from comma-delimited files and CSV exports.

    The Juniper Release offers platform enhancements that provide librarians with a better user experience in the FOLIO platform. These enhancements include the FOLIO dashboard that will allow users to see key information across their FOLIO apps at a glance. The Juniper Release also offers remote storage integration with CaiaSoft, circulation log improvements and shortcuts. View the full list of improvements in the Juniper release.

    Jesse Koennecke, co-chair of the FOLIO Product Council and Director of Acquisitions and E-Resource Licensing Services at Cornell University Library, says the Juniper Release demonstrates FOLIO’s commitment to improving FOLIO for libraries ease of use. “The FOLIO community is continually improving the FOLIO platform for libraries of all shapes and sizes.”

    Academic institutions have taken a variety of pathways when moving to FOLIO, between full implementation to starting with ERM (electronic resource management) functionality before replacing an existing ILS or by leveraging FOLIO apps such as circulation and inventory.

    As libraries continue to implement the FOLIO LSP, FOLIO developers ensure that components can be readily developed or replaced in new releases as technologies and requirements evolve. The next release will be the Kiwi Release which is expected to launch November 2021. Information about the FOLIO Community and the upcoming releases can be found at

    About FOLIO
    FOLIO is a collaborative effort among libraries, vendors, developers and consortia that leverages open source technology and a community-based effort to redefine library services and innovate based on library futures. By building on what libraries need and by leveraging library expertise as well as vendor capacity and velocity, FOLIO is designed to move libraries forward, build on the services they provide and redefine the role libraries play within their institution. FOLIO also levels the playing field and makes open source technology available to all institutions regardless of size or staffing. FOLIO brings vendors together to innovate and host services for customers and introduces open source as a service to libraries. To sign up to participate or receive more information, go to


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    Kathleen McEvoy
    Media Relations, FOLIO

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