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    October 23rd, 2019LISWire aggregatorUncategorized

    Turns Access Into Outcomes, Connecting Student Databases to Educator Resources

    FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – October 22, 2019 – Gale, a Cengage company, today announced the launch of Gale In Context: For Educators, a new product that gives educators a more effective approach to curriculum development and classroom instruction. Fueled by content from the Gale In Context suite of student databases, For Educators provides standards-aligned lesson plans and instructional materials. A specialized toolkit helps educators collect, personalize and share resources quickly and easily with colleagues and students across their district. Read Gale’s blog about the development of For Educators:

    Studies show that teachers spend seven hours per week searching for instructional resources[i]. For Educators removes this complexity by streamlining access to curated and authoritative educational resources within their subscribed Gale In Context databases, empowering teachers with a single point of access to the technology, tools and resources they need, saving them time and effort while enhancing their classroom curriculum.

    View a video on For Educators, here:

    “I’m really excited for [Gale] In Context: For Educators,” said Monica Padgett, a teacher at Central York High School in York, Pennsylvania. “I saw a way that I could collaborate with my colleagues more efficiently and get resources to students and make it more effective and personalized for their learning.”

    This new product marks a major milestone in Gale’s commitment to delivering innovative classroom solutions that advance education by focusing on student success, promoting equity of access and creating shorter pathways to learning.

    “We know how time-consuming lesson planning can be for educators struggling to find and personalize relevant teaching materials aligned with curriculum standards,” said Paul Gazzolo, senior vice president and general manager at Gale. “We created Gale In Context: For Educators to make it easier for schools and districts to integrate quality digital content into the curriculum that fosters collaboration between the library, classroom and administration, providing students with more engaging learning materials to support their achievements.”

    Gale In Context: For Educators provides:

    • Instructional Support: helps teachers discover digital learning materials to supplement their classroom curriculum with national and state standards-aligned instructional content and related lesson plans.

    • Customization: supports the demand to provide personalized and differentiated instruction with tools and features that can identify and customize resources for diverse classroom needs.

    • Time-Saving Workflow Tools: enables time-challenged educators to access curriculum-aligned resources across their subscribed products in a single, educator-focused interface, integrated with other workflow tools and platforms.

    • Smarter Collaboration: connects library resources to classroom curriculum and gives educators—within schools and across districts—the means to easily share and collaborate around resources for students.

    Laurie Guerra, librarian at Spring Woods Middle School in Houston, Texas commented: “We’re going to have a ton of awesome opportunities for teachers to connect with their standards and to Gale In Context databases so that they can use that in their classrooms to plan lessons and to effectively build their resources, collaborate with other educators and start using our resources more and more with our students to better prepare them for the 21st century skills that are coming ahead.”

    Gale In Context databases have a long history of supporting teacher effectiveness and student achievement. A recent nationwide study conducted by Project Tomorrow® on behalf of Gale[ii], found two in three teachers (77 percent) say their students are now “future ready” as a result of using Gale resources to support learning activities. Additionally, 80 percent of ninth-grade students say they are likely to use Gale again if their teacher assigns another research project.

    “Having access to these authoritative databases is one of the first steps in improving student outcomes,” stated study participant, Lynn Reynolds, director of Library Media Services at Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky.

    Gale will showcase Gale In Context: For Educators at the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Conference, November 14-16 in Louisville, KY at Gale booth #101.

    For more information or to request a trial on Gale In Context: For Educators, visit:

    About Cengage and Gale
    Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. The company serves the higher education, K-12, professional, library and workforce training markets worldwide. Gale, a Cengage company, provides libraries with original and curated content, as well as modern research tools and technology that are crucial in connecting libraries to learning, and learners to libraries. For more than 60 years, Gale has partnered with libraries around the world to empower the discovery of knowledge and insights – where, when and how people need it. Gale has 500 employees globally with its main operations in Farmington Hills, Michigan. For more information, please visit

    Follow Gale on:
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    [i] Education World: Survey Finds Teachers Spend 7 Hours Per Week Searching for Instructional Materials
    [ii] Project Tomorrow Study: Activate Student Success with Database Access

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    October 23rd, 2019LISWire aggregatorUncategorized

    ByWater Solutions, an open source community contributor and America’s forefront provider of Koha support, announced today that the Highland Community College has joined NEXT Shared Regional Catalog with Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS).

    ByWater completed the transition of the libraries' 13,000 plus holdings from TLC library solutions and is providing ongoing support services to the library. The NEXT Koha OPAC can be viewed at:

    About NEKLS
    The Northeast Kansas Library System (NEKLS) is one of seven Kansas Regional Systems of Cooperating Libraries. NEKLS is dedicated to providing universal access to exceptional library Service through its 117 member libraries (11 academic; 48 public; 50 school districts; 8 special) in the 14 counties of Northeast Kansas through the cooperation and peer support of NEKLS member libraries, and the assistance of the NEKLS staff of library consultants.

    Read More at:

    About Highland Community College
    Highland Community College Library supports the instructional objectives of the institution of which it is a part and responds to the informational needs of the students, faculty, community, and the curriculum. The Library is concerned with its patrons' lifelong use of information and library services. The Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement, and the Right to Privacy Statement, as approved by the American Library Association.

    Read More at:

    About ByWater Solutions
    ByWater Solutions is a full service, high quality Koha support and implementation company dedicated to providing libraries with a lower cost, more advanced level of support for their ILS than a traditional proprietary solution can offer. ByWater Solutions has a proven track record in first rate Koha implementation and support with library systems of all sizes.

    Our highly ranked, comprehensive support is what sets our company apart from any other vendor in the industry. Partnering with ByWater Solutions for Koha support not only lowers the cost of implementing and maintaining an ILS, but more importantly empowers libraries by giving them the flexibility and freedom they deserve. For more information please visit:

    About Koha
    Koha is the first open-source Integrated Library System (ILS). In use worldwide, its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology goals. Koha’s impressive feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its user base. It includes modules for circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, serials, reserves, patron management, branch relationships, and more.

    Koha’s OPAC, circulation, management and self-checkout interfaces are all based on standards-compliant World Wide Web technologies, HTML5, CSS and Javascript, making Koha a truly platform-independent solution. Koha is distributed under the open-source General Public License (GPL). For more information about Koha, please visit:

    For More Information
    Jessica Zairo
    Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
    ByWater Solutions

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    October 23rd, 2019LISWire aggregatorUncategorized

    Duluth, Ga., October 22, 2019: Equinox is pleased to welcome Wayne and Pike County Libraries to Evergreen with their successful migrations to the Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) SPARK Consortium.

    Wayne and Pike County Libraries’ move will support 37,059 patrons. The migration included a total of 118,987 bibliographic records. Services provided by Equinox included project management and Evergreen software configuration. Data extraction and bibliographic deduplication were completed as part of their migration encompassing item, patron, and transaction records.

    “We're very happy to welcome the libraries of Wayne and Pike Counties to the SPARK Library Consortium,” said Lugene Shelly, SPARK Director of Technology and System Support. “Their location in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania puts them in close proximity with some of our other systems and we're looking forward to future collaboration among those libraries. We also look forward to their participation in the broader SPARK community, knowing their talented and skillful staff will be bright additions to our organization.”

    PaILS was founded in June 2011 as a non-profit organization to provide an open source integrated library system. It oversees SPARK, a consortia of Evergreen libraries across Pennsylvania. Equinox and PaILS have been collaborating on the SPARK consortia since 2013.

    “No matter how many migrations you do each one is unique and has a different set of opportunities,” said Rogan Hamby, data and project analyst at Equinox. “For me one of my biggest joys is seeing libraries move past the transition period and settle into really learning what the new software can make possible for them. I am confident that the Evergreen community in Pennsylvania is gaining active and engaged libraries in Wayne and Pike and I look forward to seeing them in the wider international community for a long time to come.”

    About Equinox Open Library Initiative
    Equinox Open Library Initiative Inc. is a nonprofit company engaging in literary, charitable, and educational endeavors serving cultural and knowledge institutions. As the successor to Equinox Software, Inc., the Initiative carries forward a decade of service and experience with Evergreen and other open source library software. At Equinox OLI we help you empower your library with open source technologies. To learn more, please visit

    About Evergreen
    Evergreen is an award-winning ILS developed to provide an open source product able to meet the diverse needs of consortia and high transaction public libraries. However, it has proven to be equally successful in smaller installations including special and academic libraries. Today, over 1500 libraries around the world are using Evergreen including NC Cardinal, SCLENDS, and B.C. Sitka. For more information about Evergreen, including a list of all known Evergreen installations, see


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