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    February 3rd, 2014LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    Lognes, Marseille, January 27th 2014

    AFI and BibLibre announce their strategic alliance to establish of the first European center dedicated to open source software for libraries and documentation centers.

    AFI ("Agence Fran├žaise Informatique", literally French IT Agency) and BibLibre are two major players in the development of open source software in the world of libraries and documentation centers. Offering a complete range of software and a fleet of more than 600 customers, the division created is immediately the #1 European player in its sector.
    Historically installed in France, the division is already present in many European countries, either directly or through local partners: Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, etc ... It will grow rapidly on this axis, and in new countries.

    It is a strategic alliance between two companies that remain independent. The merger between AFI and BibLibre is effected by the introduction of crossed investments in capital. Both companies will remain separated, shareholders and managers remain in place, all teams and resources are pooled in the operational framework of the cluster thus formed.

    The main objective of this alliance is to create a cluster fully and resolutely turned towards open source software. Offers currently carried by the two companies are enriched with new components and products that will be further announced. Communities related to each open source software will be strengthened and internationalized.
    The second objective is the ability to innovate. On a rapidly changing market (digital offering , semantic web, changing formats and offers), the group thus formed is able to make the necessary investments to provide an innovative and sustainable supply.
    The third objective is to achieve a critical size to offer to our customers even more safe and fast services. By consolidating best practices of project management, agile development, and support, we have powerful assets to complete all projects and commitments that we take.

    You can find more information on the following website : AFI and BibLibre: Union Libre