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    February 18th, 2013LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    The new literary fiction print THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI ISBN 9780615685434 author, Cynthia Lynn, has travel books in Libraries worldwide according to Her newest travel series NO MORE HOTELS will be published as E-books. She is writing the first E-book NO MORE HOTELS IN PARIS and the second book NO MORE HOTELS IN ROME, and both E-books are expected to be published in late 2014 on KINDLE and KOBO.

    Author Cynthia Lynn's page turner print literary fiction THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN 9780615685434) is available to Libraries through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, and Libraries can buy the E-book version through Ingram and through Ingram's E-content platform.

    About THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI, "KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW" offers a brief book description, and says, "In 1989, 25-year-old Clarissa Max loses her job, leaves New York City and heads south. After she drives into a ditch in Citrusville, a small town in central Florida, she decides to stay on and work as a freelance reporter. While struggling to get over an affair, she starts the Literary Club at the local public library, and befriends several lively, intriguing older citizens. They include Nellie, a wise woman who reads romances; Henry, who regrets his estrangement from his adult son; Violet, who asks Clarissa to be a go-between in her extramarital affair; the pushy, talky Letty; and the mysterious Max, who haunts Clarissa’s thoughts. The novel’s promising message—that life presents unexpected detours, but always provides the right people at the right time..."

    Regarding more about THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN 9780615685434), "KIRKUS INDIE REVIEW" adds, "...features lovely, poetic phrases such as “cicada night” and “the pad of paws followed me..."

    THE HAUNTING AND PARADISE TAXI (ISBN 9780615685434) literary fiction print novel is featured in the BEA 2013 "new print title showcase," and upcoming on March 3rd, 2013 there is a display ad in "THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW."