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  • LISWire: TimeClick LITE Creates Time Clock Solution for Small Businesses

    November 27th, 2012LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    Logan, UT, October 31, 2012 - Hawkeye Technology, Inc. A leading time clock software provider announced the launch of their TimeClick LITE Product. This low cost version of its flagship time clock software makes it more affordable for small businesses and nonprofits that have a small budget to track their employees’ time.

    “The TimeClick LITE version was launched to make employee time tracking available to every business” said David Marx, CEO of Hawkeye Technology Inc. the creator of TimeClick “There are many businesses out there that need a simple and affordable solution for tracking their employee’s time that is backed by industry leading technical support ”.

    TimeClick LITE provides the same easy to use interface that employers are used to plus a feature set that includes some of the most important features found in TimeClick. The LITE version will have a much smaller price tag but will have the capability of growing with the company. Some of the Features included in TimeClick LITE are:
    Tracking Employee Hours Worked
    Vacation and Sick Time Tracking
    Overtime Hours Tracking
    Employee time card reports

    Free Trial

    A complete feature list of TimeClick LITE and a fully functioning free trial of the TimeClick LITE software version is available at Hawkeye Technology’s web site at

    Pricing for TimeClick LITE

    Pricing for the TimeClick LITE version starts at $99. Annual technical support plans are available for the LITE version that include unlimited phone, email and live chat support by Hawkeye Technology’s U.S. Based support team. For pricing details of the TimeClick LITE or other TimeClick versions that are available visit Hawkeye’s website at

    About Hawkeye Technology, Inc.

    Hawkeye Technology Inc. is a U.S. based software development firm that has serviced the small business industry since 1977. Hawkeye Technology, Inc. has evolved into a company that is dedicated to developing innovative software for business and personal applications. The TimeClick software product is used by thousands of users each day to track employee time and attendance.

    ©Hawkeye Technology, Inc. All rights reserved. TimeClick is a registered trademark of Hawkeye Technology Inc.

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