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    November 25th, 2012LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio – Everyone loves to smile! This new book will definitely add a smile to your face while counting and rhyming with the loving Kudzu Kidz friends. It is a fun book for all ages to enjoy. Kudzu Kidz shine as their personalities show through each page counting up to ten with rhymes that sound like a song. Share with your family and friends!

    Counting and Rhyming with Friends retails at $9.99 and is available at

    What Is Kudzu Kidz?

    Kudzu Kidz are silly leafy-like friends with giving hearts. They grow fast with children and guide them to stay on the right path especially during difficult times. Tough topics are their specialty. They encourage kids to make the right choices as well as remain confident and positive no matter how messy life becomes.

    About the Author

    Anne Kline is an author (illustrator/writer) of a unique line of children’s books owned under her company called Kudzu Kidz, LLC.

    Kudzu Kidz, LLC grew from Anne Kline’s inspiration while running trails in Atlanta, Georgia as she trained for the NYC marathon. Kudzu is a vine that grows a foot-a-day in the southeastern United States that was brought over from Japan to help with erosion. It grows rapidly over top barns, houses, telephone wires or nearly anything that crosses its path creating unusual shapes. Ms. Kline thought they looked like cartoon characters. Who knew an 8 mile run would create the birth of Kaye, Narz and Scooter? Shortly after her inspired run, she painted each character onto cheap canvas with acrylics.

    Sixteen years later, having experienced life by having two beautiful daughters, losing four precious babies to miscarriages and struggling through a heart wrenching divorce has taught her that no matter how messy life becomes, there is always something or someone to be thankful for in her life. This lesson has formed the mission statement of her Kudzu Kidz, LLC and she plans to share this message with young children everywhere. Stay positive and believe in yourself.

    About Kudzu Kidz, LLC

    Kudzu Kidz, LLC target market is boys and girls at the age of 4 through 9 years old with our focus on encouraging self-esteem and building positive ways to overcome any challenge in their lives. Our main goal is teaching the powerful value of being thankful for people or things in our lives and believing in ourselves to accomplish any goals we set. We feel it is important to realize our existing blessings in life instead of complaining about what we don't have or things that go wrong. We will explain through stories including humor how negative experiences teach us how to improve ourselves. We encourage children to be thankful for failures in life, because it teaches us how to learn from our mistakes. Kudzu Kidz shows how to turn negative circumstances into something positive and be thankful for what we learned instead of dwell on our shortcomings.