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    January 31, 2012
    For Immediate Release

    Dallas, TX — Amigos Library Services, a leading library membership organization based in Dallas, and the Missouri Library Network Corporation (MLNC), a similar St. Louis-based library membership organization, today announced that they have entered into a working agreement to explore merging operations. If the organizations merge, Amigos will be the largest library consortium west of the Mississippi River, comprised of approximately 1,000 libraries and cultural heritage institutions in 22 states.

    Following lengthy exploratory discussions, members of the Boards of Directors of Amigos and MLNC have both unanimously approved a working agreement as the definitive guideline for further activities leading to merger. Member votes on the merger are scheduled for mid-April and early May. Pending member approval, the merger will be completed July 1, 2012.

    Both networks bring unique services of interest to a larger member base and both have strong continuing education programs to share. Current MLNC and Amigos members will benefit from increased ability to leverage library resources for purchasing thousands of library products and services from leading providers.

    “I am excited because a merger will enhance services to the collective membership,” said Bonnie Juergens, President and Chief Executive Officer of Amigos. “It will expand resource-sharing opportunities for both member communities and strengthen our ability to provide current and new services into the future.”

    Tracy Rochow Byerly, Executive Director of MLNC, commented “I couldn’t be more pleased about this announcement! The prime motivation of the MLNC Board has been to meet the needs of MLNC’s members and fulfill our mission. The Board conducted a thorough analysis of options and concluded that this merger will help MLNC achieve that goal.”

    About Missouri Library Network Corporation
    The mission of MLNC is to organize and deliver to its member libraries and other contracting entities electronic services and content, and provide training in the management and use of information. Founded in 1981 to serve the needs of Missouri libraries, MLNC has grown to serve the needs of over 300 members in the Midwest region. Known for excellent customer service, flexibility and solutions that save members time and money, MLNC has shown itself to be an agile organization in a changing world. Members utilize the many continuing education opportunities; turn to MLNC for help in implementing change; and have supported the organization’s move into association management services.

    About Amigos Library Services
    For more than 35 years, Amigos Library Services has helped members obtain affordable services and share library resources and knowledge. With over 600 members, Amigos is one of the largest consortia of libraries and cultural heritage institutions in the United States. Membership in Amigos helps libraries gain access to the latest innovations and services in the library community; pursue opportunities for continuing professional education; leverage buying power; and preserve the region’s rich cultural heritage. This collaboration strengthens each member’s ability to serve and lead its community in the creative and effective use of information resources.

    For information about the Amigos/MLNC merger exploration, contact Dr. Anne Prestamo, Chair of Amigos (; Dr. Sharon Bostick, President of MLNC (; Bonnie Juergens, President and CEO of Amigos (, or Tracy Rochow Byerly, Executive Director of MLNC (