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    October 7th, 2011LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    Updated features improve access to information and save librarians valuable time.

    Birmingham, Ala. – October 7, 2011 – EBSCONET® ERM Essentials®, the industry’s most highly integrated e-resource management system (ERM), was recently upgraded to include improved navigation, hover-over previews, and more — all designed to make this cutting-edge tool even more effective for the librarians who use it. These enhancements, a direct result of customer feedback, further demonstrate EBSCO’s commitment to providing the tools and services librarians need to better manage their resources.

    Improved navigation within the site provides the ability to maneuver through most lists at the detail level and easily find and browse related items, which helps librarians work more efficiently and with fewer clicks. Quick access to the relevant terms and conditions for a title or package saves time and provides the needed information in the right context: once a title or database/package is found in the Collection
    Manager, the librarian can see the terms of use without having to link to the relevant license under which it was acquired. In addition, access to information in general has been greatly streamlined thanks to the introduction of hover-over previews on virtually every result grid.

    In addition, access to relevant information has been greatly streamlined thanks to the introduction of hover-over previews on virtually every result grid. With frequently used elements shown in the preview, many key questions can be answered right from the result list — reducing the number of clicks and streamlining the operation. Numerous enhancements also have been made to features related to adding cost and license information to resources, including simplifications in how resources can be associated with licenses and the ability to assign costs to multiple fund codes or library locations. Processes have been made more efficient and more intuitive, enabling librarians to save time and provide a more accurate reflection of cost distribution.

    ERM Essentials significantly reduces the amount of time librarians spend on data entry and maintenance, allowing them to devote valuable time to other tasks. Plus, ERM Essentials shares vital e-resource data and integrates seamlessly with other EBSCO Complete Management and Discovery Solutions, including EBSCONET, EBSCO A-to-Z®, LinkSource®, EBSCOhost® research databases, EBSCO Discovery Service™, and more.

    About EBSCO
    Established in 1944, EBSCO is the world’s leading information agent providing consultative services and cutting-edge technology for managing and accessing quality content, including print and e-journals, e-packages, research databases, eBooks, and more. Now more than ever, libraries and research organizations are looking for new ways to manage their collections more efficiently. EBSCO has developed the most comprehensive “e” discovery and management solutions, offering unparalleled integration to help librarians save time and money while empowering their users.

    EBSCO serves clients in more than 200 countries through our 30 offices worldwide with more than 140 librarians on staff. To learn more about EBSCO’s products and services, visit


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