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    September 15th, 2011LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    University of North Texas’ mission is to generate, integrate, and disseminate knowledge in a learner-centered environment. The College of Information empowers individuals and organizations to create optimal learning environments for sharing knowledge and improving performance.
    Students in Assistant Professor Dr. Barbara Schultz-Jones’s “Trends and Practices in School Libraries” course will have access to their own production ILS to assist them in completing their coursework. Schultz-Jones and her class are using a hosted installation of LibLime Academic Koha, free of charge. This allows students to have full cataloging access in the cataloging module, including MARC Bibliographic records, MARC Holdings records, and item records. They are able to create their own set of collection codes, location codes, and item types. This opportunity also allows them to create actual working records for discovery access in the OPAC.

    Assistant Professor Dr. Barbara Schultz-Jones stated, “I chose LibLime's Koha as the best example of an Open Source system available. It has been implemented in the Plano ISD, Plano TX and is therefore relevant to our students' appreciation of viable alternatives for school library automation systems.” Her course involves an examination of current trends and practices in the school library profession; a detailed view of the current practice of automating a school library with emphasis on the selection, implementation and effective use of the automation system; assessing a school library's impact on student achievement and plans for future improvement.

    LibLime's Koha with Class program is designed to give library school faculty a chance to embed the use of an ILS into their coursework and curricula. This allows students to gain practical experience with library automation software as they prepare to enter the library workforce.

    Many faculty members around the world are taking advantage of the free support that LibLime provides with the LibLime’s Koha with Class installations. LibLime is striving to expand the program overseas to support librarianship at an international level.

    To learn more about the program visit -

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    September 15th, 2011LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    TitanFile Inc., has this year officially launched TitanFile, a product which makes sending large and confidential documents easy.

    TitanFile provides a way to securely send and receive documents that are too large or too confidential for email. The product sends files over a secure connection and stores them safely using military grade encryption. TitanFile allows the sender to track all important information's activities, including who it was accessed by and when. Furthermore, TitanFile gives senders the confidence that their important documents have been received and received by the right person. TitanFile also provides the option to prevent printing and forwarding of confidential email, so information can not be shared with people that senders have not permitted and they can rest at ease that their documents will not be copied or duplicated. TitanFile is also the only cloud based document sharing solution fully compliant with the Canadian privacy laws.

    TitanFile dedicates their time to providing a user-friendly secure file-sharing solution; one that completely meets the needs of their clients without requiring additional hardware or complicated technology to use.

    In recognition of this great product, the province of Nova Scotia has recently teamed up with TitanFile Inc. to grow and expand the use of TitanFile in Canada and internationally, by investing $250k into the company. The company has also won the 2011 Cloudy Awards in the Category “People’s Choice: Best Cloud Newcomer” and won the Best Big Idea 2010 award and a $10,000 prize.

    For a free trial of TitanFile or to learn more about TitanFile Inc., visit