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  • LISWire: Ramsey County Library Implements Tech Logic RFID Technology

    September 30th, 2010LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. (Sep. 29, 2010) – The Roseville Library, part of the Ramsey County Library system, installed Tech Logic’s UltraSort system and CircIT™ self check-out equipment in their newly renovated library. The new Roseville Library held its grand opening on July 10, 2010.

    "It's very exciting," said Lynn Wyman, deputy director of the county library system, during a recent tour of the building as staff worked to place furniture, wire computer terminals, and sort books on an automated materials-handling system.

    The space is bigger, brighter and much, much greener. The library was built with the goal of being certified a Gold LEED structure, meeting strict requirements for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design. Natural light, locally sourced materials and low-emission paints, adhesives, carpet and wood are used throughout the space. And about 95 percent of the construction waste on the project was recycled. The library's footprint basically remains, but a second floor has bumped up the building's square footage to 73,000 square feet — about 30,000 more than the old space.

    The Ramsey County Library is the first library system in the twin cities area to adopt radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. With RFID, libraries can streamline the processes of inventory and check-in and check-out, and provide better security for items.

    The library implemented Tech Logic’s self check-out equipment, including antennas, RFID tags, touchscreen monitors, and CircIT™ software. CircIT™ 2010 is a dedicated web server based system that integrates with the library's automation system for self check-out, circulation, reports, and RFID tag read/write functions. Tech Logic’s self check-out equipment provides patrons with greater capabilities when checking out items, enabling library staff to handle increased demand without any diminution of service.

    The library also installed Tech Logic’s UltraSort sorting system. The system increases the efficiency of library operations by sorting items with minimal physical intervention, relieving the physical strain of sorting that is normally demanded of staff. The UltraSort system accepts items from a book drop and delivers them through a conveyor system to a 25-bin sort section, where they are automatically checked in and sorted into Tech Logic Smart Bins® through the means of RFID tags. Tech Logic provided all of the engineering, design, manufacturing, installation, training, and support for this project.

    Gary Kirk, Tech Logic’s Executive Director, said, “As the first library system in the twin cities to implement RFID technology, Ramsey County Library has taken a leading technology position. The benefits of RFID, self service check-out, and automated sorting of returns include tremendous return on investment by reducing manual labor costs, better protection of library materials, and the ability to manage significant circulation growth at current staffing levels. We are proud and honored for this opportunity to work with everyone at Ramsey County Library and look forward to serving them for many years.”

    To learn more about Tech Logic’s products and services, contact Gary W. Kirk at, call 800.494.9330, or visit

    About Tech Logic

    Tech Logic is the leading provider of innovative Automated Sorting Technologies (AST), circulation staff support tools, and patron self services for libraries. Tech Logic offers unequalled expertise, dedication to quality, and world-class customer support services.

    Tech Logic provides barcode and RFID check-in and check-out systems, material return drops, AST systems, inter-library distribution systems, and patron reserve systems. Tech Logic designs, manufactures, delivers, installs, maintains, and services all of its systems.

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