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    August 28th, 2009LISWire aggregatorLISWire

    Atlanta, GA - (August 19, 2009) The streets of retail have changed. They have become high speed self-serve virtual expressways. So what’s an independent brick and mortar retailer to do? Fight Back!

    For over 20 years, Arnie Capitanelli has helped retailers nationwide in developing and executing successful sales strategies based on superior customer experience techniques. He brings this expertise and candid straight talk about today's retail environment to specialty retailers everywhere with his inaugural book, Retail Street Fight.

    Retail Street Fight debunks the conventional thinking of the world of specialty retail and addresses the current retail environment. Topics include - How we have gotten here and what retailing lacks that has resulted in consumers believing they are better off serving themselves. From this position, Capitanelli provides tactics and actions that specialty retailers can follow to compete and, most importantly, win. Talking tough, Capitanelli's Retail Street Fight is a motivational tool for dealing with the sales associates of today. "It is going to take more than the same old motivational speech about hitting performance goals or empty threats of consequence to get today’s sales force to respond," said Capitanelli. "Beliefs, discipline, awareness and commitment are needed to slay the beast."

    Aimed specifically at the independent retailer who is ready to throw off the gloves, Retail Street Fight provides the know-how for doing what it takes to reclaim customer base. Capitanelli's sound retail advice and customer advocacy thinking will benefit all in retailing from those entering the arena to veterans.

    Retail Street Fight is available via Arnie Capitanelli's website at as well as at the author's seminars and speaking engagements. See the website for dates and locations.

    For more information about Retail Street Fight, CAP seminars or consulting services, contact Arnie Capitanelli at 770-845-7059 or visit